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is masturbating while smoking weed called masturblazing 

no its called highjacking

guys no it’s weedwhacking

no its called dissapointing ur mother

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What did the blanket say when it fell off the bed?

oh sheet

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do you ever do that thing in class where you notice you’ve stopped paying attention so you try to focus but then you’re focused so hard on trying to focus that you’re still not paying attention to what they’re saying

Omg it’s in words

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You know… There are some days where I really feel like this could work; Like you and I are finally gonna get it right

Then there are days like today… Where I really wanna hike down Jack Barakat’s happy trail.

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why am i not some musician’s cute girlfriend who takes pictures backstage at gigs and hangs around with the rest of his band and looks really fashionable and makes all his little fangirls jealous i hate everything

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i just wanna know what my house smells like to other people

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it’s kinda funny how when you get older you start to enjoy the things you hated as a kid like taking naps and getting spanked

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I love Harry’s face. Everyone else just kind of looks down, all serious, but Harry’s like “The fuck kind of school is this?!?”

#sassy harry at it again

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I never fucking get tired of this post.

Merry Christmas.

My reaction when I see Christmas shit in stores during Halloween

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